Financial Planning

It all starts with a conversation.   We discuss your dreams and aspirations – both financial and personal.  We talk about your philosophy regarding money, investing, and spending.  We identify and prioritize your goals.  We also share with you who we are, how we might able to assist you, and what fees are associated with our services.  If we have a basis for working together, we can set up a time to move forward with the next steps.  If we do not, then we can shake hands and part ways.  If the latter is the case, we believe you can at least expect to have learned enough to feel pointed in the right direction. 

DeCilio Financial does not charge for initial consultations, and we pride ourselves in not making “sales pitches” (we don’t really like those kinds of people, either). 

If we decide to continue together, we move forward to completing the five steps of the financial planning process.  This includes additional data gathering, analysis of your current situation, presentation of recommendations, implementation of planning strategies, and regular monitoring of your investments and goals. 




Financial Planners are central to a process that encompasses all the important components of financial planning. We work closely with you and, when necessary, direct you to and work with other professionals, such as CPAs, attorneys or property/casualty agents.