Do You Need A Financial Advisor?

Financial planning as an occupation is about much more than financial expertise.  An effective financial planner is an effective listener, communicator, confidant, motivator and director.   


If any of the following describes you, then you might be a candidate for working with a financial planner.

• You lack knowledge of and interest in financial matters.

• You have an interest financial matters but not the time to keep current and manage your own finances.

• You need someone to motivate you or help keep you accountable.

• You consider watching the fluctuations in the financial markets and your portfolio emotionally stressful.

• You are excited by the idea of developing a written financial plan and working with someone who wants to help you reach your goals.






For Individuals and Families:

• Cash Management/Budgeting

• Education Funding

• Retirement Planning

• Tax Management

• Investment Management

• Insurance/Protection Planning

• Estate Conservation Planning


For Small Businesses:

• Defined Contribution Retirement Plans

• Defined Benefit Retirement Plans

• Risk Management

• Business Continuation and Succession Planning